Ask Jack: Cutting at the Cafeteria, Car Naps + Job of the Week

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Our first question this week, from Lorraine,is getting me hungry....

I have become determined to change the culture in the work cafeteria salad bar and hot food lines, so that folks don't jump in front of other folks "for just one thing!" How would you suggest I do it? [PS: people don't do it in the sushi, grill, or pizza line.]

Lorraine, before I dive into this topic, can we acknowledge that this is what's known as a "first-world problem"? OK, good. "Cutting" the line is one of those things that shows we're all just grown-up kids: at the cafeteria, movies, or pulling into the shoulder during a traffic jam. Some people will always think they're busier or more important than the rest of us. As an individual, there's not too much you can do, beyond calling out offenders. "You're CUTTING? Uh, we're all in line here."

Ah, but that might be pretty tough to do with a VP. So for more widespread change, maybe you can talk to the cafeteria manager about putting up signs: "Line Starts Here." "No Cutting (Even for 'One Thing')." It takes a special breed of self-absorbed jerk to disobey a posted rule. In the meantime, for maturity and fairness, head to the pizza line. It's the food of the common man!

AOL Jobs reader Roger says:

I went from a job where people take public transportation to work, to one where most people drive in. Coming back from lunch recently and walking through the parking lot, I noticed a couple of people napping in their cars! Apparently this is not unusual, but it really seemed weird to me. What do you think?

Didn't I just say something about us being grown-up kids? You'd like to think an adult could get through the workday without a little nap time, with their little blankies, and dreams of bonus checks dancing in their heads. But still, I am a supporter of break time being one's own, and a lot of people do seem to benefit from a quick "power nap," so who am I to judge? Warning: You don't want to associate your car too much with sleeping -- you might run into some real trouble on the highway.

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Jack's Job of the Week

When you read that first question, did you think, "I'd like to make those signs, and I live in Alpharetta, Georgia!" Well then, do I have the job for you: a produce signmaker at Whole Foods!
Or, if that sort of job would drive you bananas, do your own search on AOL Jobs right now. You're taking the right steps to find a new position... and that's a good sign.

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