Cracker Barrel Waitress Gets Tipped With a New Car

Do you tip your servers a little extra during the holidays? 25 percent? 30 percent? How about a new car? That's exactly what a couple from Arkansas decided to present waitress Cindi Grady when she came around with their bill.

Grady had been driving a barely functional vehicle to her job at Cracker Barrel in Branson, Missouri for months. She was embarrassed by the car's condition, the result of accidental collisions with five different deer, but financially unable to replace it or afford repairs.

When two Cracker Barrel regulars, Gary Tackett and his wife, noticed the beat-up car in the parking lot, they first thought it was abandoned. When they inquired with the restaurant about its owner, they learned it belonged to an employee.

"I talked with my wife about it," Tackett told KOLR-TV. "And I said, 'Something has to be done.'"

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Tackett and his wife returned to Cracker Barrel and requested Grady's section. After the meal, the Tacketts paid their bill and then led Grady out to the parking lot to present her with their tip: a new car, complete with a red bow on top.

"It's not a new car, but it's new to you," Tackett said.

The video of the surprise was shared on Facebook by the couple's daughter, and the Tacketts' holiday tip has gone viral. Their generosity has spread throughout the community, with Grady telling KOLR-TV that she was able to get her insurance transferred for free, as well as her first inspection.

As she drives her new car to work, Grady will be taking extra precautions to avoid run-ins with deer. The first thing she did was attach deer whistles to her new ride.
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