The Top 4 Games To Spread Christmas Cheer

'Tis the season,!

This holiday season, we've been busy decking the halls - gathering and collecting more than 300 holiday games - for you at our Holiday Games page. Out of that library of seasonal games, we selected some of our Christmas favorites.

Up first, we have Finders Keepers Christmas. In this Christmas update, your goal is still to use a claw to collect various themed items like presents and gingerbread men for Santa Claus. You can play in up to four different areas, and as you progress through the game, you'll be able to choose from three different claws to help you accomplish the Christmas task.

Though there may not be any penguins in the North Pole with Santa Claus, the big man would still likely enjoy this wintery game. In Ice Breakers, you play as a team of penguin foremen looking to rebuild Penguin City. To accomplish that goal, you play a simple match-3 game, arranging the various colored blocks into groups of three or more to gain points.

Although we do love all that the Christmas season brings, sometimes you want to stay inside, so come over to this virtual house and play Winter Secret. In this mystery game, you search around this home, festively furnished with an appropriate snowman, looking for clues to solve the secret.

For all of you hosts and hostesses who love the satisfaction of a wonderful Christmas party, this Christmas update of Delicious Emily's is the game for you. Your job in Delicious Emily's Holiday Season is to help all your customers. You prepare their orders, deliver them, collect the payment, and move on to the next table. Be sure to work as quickly as possible so your customers aren't waiting too long, and keep tables open as would-be customers will leave if there's nowhere to sit.

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