Sony Breach Exposed Employee Healthcare Data, Salaries

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You know that massive data breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment you've been hearing about--the one that leaked films like "Annie" and the still-in-theaters "Fury" to file-sharing sites? Well, it turns out that a lot more than were leaked. As security news site Krebs on Security reports, hackers also stole documents containing sensitive employee data, including Social Security numbers, salary, and healthcare information.

Just how many employees are we talking about? According to Krebs, the 25 gigabytes of data stolen included information on 6,800 current and former Sony employees. The files are currently being traded on torrent networks (unlicensed file-sharing, for the uninitiated)--one document including name and location as well as base salary, birthdate, and employee ID, and another that includes SSNs and information about employees' health savings accounts.

A third file includes screen shots of employee federal tax records.

Last week's data breach leaked five Sony films; "Fury" has been downloaded over 1.2 million times, Variety reports. Sony representatives have yet to release a statement about the affected employees.
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