Will Quarantine Slip Cost Dr. Nancy Snyderman Her NBC Job?

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NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman put her foot -- and her other foot, both legs, and maybe an arm or two -- into her mouth when she broke her Ebola quarantine in October to get some take-out food, as AOL Jobs reported. And although she apologized and the network said all was forgiven and that she would return, so far there's no sign of the good doctor, according to Gawker. That, combined with a new doctor doing NBC news segments, raises the question of whether Snyderman's career might have taken a turn for the worse.Snyderman and an NBC crew had been in West Africa to report on the developing Ebola crisis. Upon their return, a cameraman working with them contacted the deadly disease. His condition eventually improved, but New Jersey, where she and some of the other crew members live, asked the group to respect a 21-day voluntary quarantine.

NBC, Snyderman, and the other crew members agreed. However, the site Planet Princeton reported that Snyderman was seen waiting in a car outside a New Jersey restaurant. After a strong online backlash, she apologized--but the tone was off. Marjorie Ingall, co-editor of the apology monitoring site SorryWatch.com, told AOL Jobs at the time:

There's a complete lack of remorse shown in that statement on every level. "Sorry for the concerns" is not the same as "Sorry I did something." It puts the onus on the other person. And the arrogance to say as a health professional, "I know we have no symptoms," when you were told the gestation period could be 21 days. To say you pose no risk to the public, you don't know that.

As CNNMoney reported, an internal NBC memo in October said that the crew, including Snyderman, would take additional time off work. "We very much look forward to their return next month," NBC News president Deborah Turness reportedly wrote.

But November has come and gone and still there has been no sign of Snyderman on television, according to CNNMoney. Sources said that she was still expected to return, but no timeframe was given.

Consumers are still commenting on Snyderman's Facebook page, many of them leaving such negative remarks as "I was so disappointed and surprised in your lack of respect for the quarantine," and "Can't believe NBC hasn't fired you yet. Just quit already."

Page Six had reported that NBC executives were divided over Snyderman's return. And, according to TVNewser, the network has brought on a new medical contributor: Dr. Natalie Azar, who has appeared on the New York Fox Broadcasting station, WNYW-TV.
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