Game of the Day: Gin Rummy

There's no better time to play some classic games when your family is home for the holidays. So let's start with today's Game of the Day, Gin Rummy.

If you're unfamiliar with the old 18th century game, you start with a 10-card hand. Your objective is to create groups of three or more cards in either a run of the same suit (called a sequence) or a group of the same value, either number or face card.

Your ungrouped cards are called deadwood cards. You'll want to keep them to a minimum and group as many cards as you can. If you do and your deadwood cards total less than 10 points, you can "knock" which ends the hands, giving you points for any of your opponents' deadwood cards.

If you can manage to use all of your cards, you yell "Gin!" and win the hand without any deductions.

You can click here to play Gin Rummy now, and if you're looking for more classic games, check out our Classic Games category page!

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