What's your biggest gaming turkey?

Turkey Day may have come and gone, but the horror and strife of playing a bad game lasts forever. For this Thanksgiving, USgamer's team chose the worst games they had ever played for some hilarious and poignant results ranging from modern titles to throwbacks you may never have heard of. It's clear nothing has changed since the olden days, from X-Men: Destiny to Project X Zone, and things can be as awful now in this current era of gaming as it was back in the olden days!

X-Men Destiny

I'm a Marvel Comics guy. I love the X-Men. I also love deep, engrossing RPGs. On paper, X-Men Destiny sounded like everything I ever wanted. Players were supposed to be able to create their own neophyte mutant, deciding from a wide variety of powers. Like Bioware games, choice and consequence was the name of the game, with players ultimately deciding if they'd join Magneto's Brotherhood or Cyclops' X-Men. It even had input from then-current X-Men writer Mike Carey.

What we got was a boring, plodding action game where you could choose between three characters with set abilities. The only real choice was going with the X-Men or Brotherhood at the end of the game. And the game was plagued with bugs and glitches. It was a rushed, poor product and legal issues between Silicon Knights and Epic Games led to the broken mess being pulled from store shelves.

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