Black Friday and Beyond: Appliance Deals Abound

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Black Friday: It's the busiest shopping day in America, with the most eager consumers starting just after midnight. Like so many others, you may have planned to capitalize on the deep discounts to buy gifts for the whole family.

But if you're a homeowner with a new microwave, stainless steel fridge or other major appliance on your wishlist, be sure to save room for it in your budget. There's no better time of year to buy. Here's why.

Holiday weekend sales

You've seen the ads online, in the newspaper and on television. Hardly a holiday weekend seems to pass without a sale. What makes Thanksgiving weekend different is that regular prices are cut so dramatically.

At the same time, savvy shoppers know that on Black Friday and the days immediately following, salespeople are uncommonly willing to negotiate. For consumers, that means it's an ideal time to make a deal, particularly on a package of appliances.

End of the month

A salesperson in an appliance store -- like salespeople almost everywhere else -- works on commission. And on Black Friday, the paycheck he or she is working toward is likely to be the last (or next to last) before Christmas. So while you may be motivated to make a deal, remember: your salesperson is motivated too.

New model arrivals

You may already know that in the automotive industry, new models are unveiled in September and October. Appliance manufacturers operate on the same schedule. So when Black Friday hits in late November, stores are eager to move last year's models.

For that reason, showroom salespeople are open to negotiate deals on "outdated" appliances. Best of all, any deal you strike builds on the Black Friday discount already running storewide.

Year-end clearance

There's only about a month left in 2014, and stores know that most shoppers have earmarked a portion of their disposable income for gifts and entertaining. At the same time, those stores are under pressure to sell merchandise remaining from the previous 10 months.

Sales or no, smart consumers do their homework. If possible, follow pricing for a month prior to your purchase so you know the difference between a deep discount and a sales pitch.

Remember, too, that prices in showrooms are often flexible, and on Black Friday, circumstances conspire to make them particularly malleable. So make something special happen this weekend. For once, you and your salesperson may actually want the same thing -- which might very well be a new double oven in your kitchen.

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