Ask Jack: Weight Harassment, Lost ID Card, and Job of the Week

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AOL Jobs reader Donna asks:
A woman at work always walks by my cubicle and says unkind things to me about my weight. When I am in the cafeteria, she comments about the amount of food I eat. Most recently she saw a picture on my desk and commented that I gained SO much weight since that picture was taken. Every time she walks by, I dread it because she most likely will have something negative to say. What do I do?
Donna, I hope you have a four-day weekend coming up, and can be very thankful for some time away from that terrible co-worker! For an answer, I'm going to turn this question over to Lori M. Sweeney, author of the newly released book Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous! In it, Lori discusses the cruel treatment she received most of her life as an overweight person (and also details how she shed 125 pounds). She told me, "I experienced a lot of these weight comments and situations in the workplace before I lost the weight." Take it away, Lori....

Donna, the traditional response of others is to ignore it. "Ignore the ignorant," as some people say. But, I say no, do NOT ignore it! The comments will always keep coming and you will always have an uncomfortable feeling at work. Tell her calmly and professionally that the company is paying her to do her job, not to evaluate weight issues. Do not worry if she is angered over that; she doesn't seem to be on your side anyway. And make sure you have an appropriate co-worker to serve as a witness to such a conversation in case she decides to claim harassment.Trust me, you'd have a MUCH stronger case for harassment than she would. As they say in the schoolyard, "She started it!"

Curtis (which is not his real name) says:
I don't have a question, I just have to get this off my chest. I had lost my company ID card, so I got another one. Then, almost immediately, I lost that one too. Now I'm too embarrassed to get yet another one. I'm friendly with the security staff so they just wave me in in the morning.
Curtis, this is serious business. Someone could be committing identity theft, posing as you, sneaking into work, lifting corporate secrets, asking out that woman in sales, using up your vacation time, telling the boss what you REALLY think.... OK, OK, none of this is actually happening. But at some point, you are going to need that card. So bite the bullet and get a new one. Worst case, the guy who takes the photos will call you "Butterfingers." Best case, that woman in sales lost her ID also and you'll "meet cute." Get on it, man!

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Jack's Job of the Week

Even cars need identification cards, Curtis. As the Certificate Center Processor for Willis in Nashville, you will create certificate of insurance forms, auto ID cards, and more! This is just one of the thousands of openings listed on AOL Jobs right now. Do a search, and you'll be posing for a new ID photo before you know it.
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