How does the PlayStation 4 measure up one year later?


It's been one whole year since the PlayStation 4 made its debut, so how have things been holding up since it hit the scene? So much has changed since then, and the game library has grown impressively in that span of time. USgamer spoke to its several staff members about what they thought about the system now that it's had a chance to grow out in the wild for a while. Check out how they think it stands up to the competition!

System Highlights

Looking at PS4's positives, Jeremy kicks off with this observation. "After the past five years of shrinking sales, the games industry needs a standout victory. I think the PS4 has a lot of unrealized potential, and the rapid adoption it's seen over the past year pretty guarantees lots of publishers will jump on board to help realize it." [...]

"It's odd, says Mike, "because I bought or reviewed most multiplatform games on PlayStation 4 and it's my game system of choice, but I couldn't tell you which other exclusives would draw me in. PS4 is simply the more-powerful console, making it my preferred destination for multiplatform games like Shadow of Mordor, The Evil Within, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and Watch Dogs."

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