Can Final Fantasy be restored to its former glory?

No matter your stance on Square Enix's decision-making process or business stance, it's hard to argue that the company has done some pretty crazy things in the past -- especially to Final Fantasy, which has seen the brunt of the craziness. Can Square Enix restore the game to its former glory? USgamer thinks so, with an interview that digs deep into what Yoshinori Kitase thinks about the series, what happened with it, and what's next.

"For Yoshida, it's essential that Final Fantasy's creators remember to keep their players in mind, to think like a fan.

"I don't feel like my history with Final Fantasy is very different from people who've been playing the series," he says. "It's been about 10 years since I joined Square Enix, but I've played the games since Final Fantasy I, just as a fan. It happened that I was able to be on the development team on a Final Fantasy title with ARR. As I was developing, I wanted to make a Final Fantasy that's fun for me to play, because I'm a fan of the series as well. I've always felt that the franchise could use more fan service, so to speak – not to concentrate on a niche, but more to provide that fantasy."

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