Great Grocery Rebate Apps -- Savings Experiment

Great Grocery Rebate Apps
Great Grocery Rebate Apps

Did you know that your grocery receipts can be the key to extra cash? You just need to download a rebate app.

Here's how it works. After you've done your food shopping, either from the usual stores or even online, take that receipt and upload it through a rebate app. The app locates various rebates for you -- no coupon clipping is necessary. You'll accrue cash based on what you've already purchased, and your eligible rebates will then get tallied in your account. They can be redeemed once you've accumulated a set amount (for example, $20).

The Free Checkout 51 app lists 20 new offers every Thursday morning on premium products like tomatoes, strawberries, and apples -- items whose coupons are hard to come by. Cash out once you have $20 in your account and you'll get a check in about three weeks. The Snap App works pretty much the same way. Refer your friends and get even more cash right into your account.

With these apps, grocery shopping doesn't just get more affordable, it puts money back in your bank account while losing the hassle of coupons. Quick and easy with cash back? That's an app that's hard to beat.