Who are the best wrestlers you can find in WWE 2K15?


Looking for a wrestler to play as that fits you in WWE 2K15, brother? Prima Games has a rundown of the very best there is, so you'll be primed and ready for Wrestlemania next year with plenty of awesome moves up your sleeve. And while we're talking about the best wrestlers in the game, here are some of the weirdest wrestlers to have been in these games, too.

The Best Wrestlers in WWE 2K15

Even though Wrestlemania doesn't happen until mid-next year, we can't help but think wrestling fans will create their own cards with WWE 2K15 set to arrive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 18. The game features a variety of playable superstars, including past favorites along with new-school talent, such as Eric Rowan, Luke Harper and Roman Reigns. It's hard to pick favorites from such a talented lineup, but we buckled down and selected 12 superstars you should try at least once, if only to dominate your opponent and get the three-count. Plus, they can always do you some good during a Royal Rumble.

Hulk Hogan

"Whatcha gonna do, brother?!" Back in the 80s and 90s, we grew up watching Hulk consistently overcome the odds in a number of outstanding matches. With WWE 2K15 you can do it all over again, pitting him against Cesaro, Bray Wyatt and others to see who comes out on top. With his immense strength, the big boot and the leg drop, he's an easy cinch to win – even if you pick his villainous Hollywood persona.

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