How to play as a Death Knight in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

If you decide to start playing World of Warcraft and opt to play as a Death Knight, you'll undoubtedly want some help figuring things out, right? Prima Games comes to the rescue once more with this helpful guide to playing in the world of Azeroth as a terrifying Death Knight. Check out what you'll be getting into with the snippet below!

Death Knight


Death Knights are a Hero class. You can't unlock these characters until you have one character reach level 55. Once there, you can create a Death Knight and have them start at level 55 themselves. There is a specific starting area just for these characters, and they have an awesome backstory that you get to experience.

Death Knights are forced to deal their damage at close range, but they wear plate and take hits well. Melee is their natural environment, and they even have abilities that pull enemies into their favored combat range. Death Knights also get combative pets, which aren't as powerful as Hunter or some Warlock pets, but they add flavor to playing as a Death Knight.

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