How to Save on Dental Insurance -- Savings Experiment

How to Save on Dental Insurance
How to Save on Dental Insurance

If you're not already covered though your employer, dental insurance can be really expensive, costing an average of $400 annually for an individual plan and $1200 annually for a family plan. Luckily, there is another budget-friendly option available.

Joining a Dental Price Club will give you access to a large network of dentists at discounted prices, typically up to 60 percent off the market rate. There are no copays. Instead, you pay a membership fee of around $75 to $150 for an individual plan, while family plans will cost about $50 more.

Along with the low prices, there are other distinct advantages: Dental clubs can really save when it comes non-routine services, such as root canals, cavity fillings and tooth extractions. For example, the industry standard for a single tooth extraction runs around $167. Through a club, that same procedure will only cost about $81 dollars. That's a savings of over 50 percent. If you were to do this though dental insurance, you would potentially be paying a copay of up to 60 percent of the total bill, especially for major restorative work.

Joining a club can also get you discounts for cosmetic dental work, which dental insurances typically don't cover. You can typically save up to 25 percent off veneers and braces, while full dentures can be up to 50 percent off, depending on your coverage.

Another bonus with dental clubs is that there's no waiting period. Your coverage begins immediately upon sign up, whereas for dental insurance, you might have to wait anywhere between 3 and 18 months before getting any major work done.

To find a dental plan, check out You can find a great comparison chart of all the top plans including DentalSave, Careington and Brighter. Once you choose your plan, go directly to the provider's website to sign up to avoid paying extra processing fees.

In the end, joining a dental club can potentially save you big, especially if you're looking for more cosmetic and non-routine services. This way you can still take good care of your teeth, and have your budget shine as well.


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