Room of the Day: NYC Apartment Bedroom Boldly Updated

By Mary Jo Bowling

The owner of this New York City apartment had experienced a lot of change in the years he'd lived there. But while he had graduated, had taken a job and was building profession, the space had remained a time capsule. He hired Lindsay Boswell and Ali Levin of LABLstudio to remake his place in his current style.

Eclectic Bedroom by Brooklyn Interior Designers & Decorators,LABLstudio

The pale sage background makes the molding and the accent colors stand out. "We like doing things that are a bit different," says Boswell. "We didn't want to use bright white, because we felt it would make the room cold."

This design duo is not shy about sourcing from anywhere and everywhere. For example, the bedside table is from Cost Plus World Market, and the lamps are from Urban Outfitters. But when it comes to large upholstered pieces, they suggest spending as much as you can afford. "Pieces such as a bed or a sofa set the tone for the entire room," says Levin.

Another key piece is the print by artist Rene Ricard. "We loved it because it has a seriousness and a playfulness," says Boswell.

Bed: Carmichael, Gus Modern; bedside table: Cost Plus World Market; lamp: Urban Outfitters; art: Rene Ricard, Exhibition A

Eclectic Bedroom by Brooklyn Interior Designers & Decorators,LABLstudio

An example of a cost-saving piece is the turquoise-colored dresser from Ikea. "The color was perfect," says Levin. "And sometimes the best piece isn't the most expensive one."

However, the client invested more in a custom desk. "When we first met with him, he had a large, chunky desk and a big media center," says Boswell. "But we all came to the conclusion he did not need that much storage."

She continues, "This client needed a place to stow his laptop, his remote control and a single drawer. Because the walls are so old, hanging the television on the wall was not an option, so he also needed a place to put the TV. This wide and narrow piece holds it all and works much better in the space."

Today the client has a space that fits his current lifestyle. "Your home should truly reflect who you are now," says Levin. "I think it's a space he can feel proud of."

Desk: custom, Urban Wood Goods
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