These Are the 10 Highest-Paying Companies for Sales Associates

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We're all familiar with the clichés surrounding retail jobs: that they're grunt work, that the employees are wage slaves grinding away beneath the heel of massive corporations. And yes, it's true that there are plenty of retail jobs out there where the workers are poorly treated, or the pay disparity between them and their CEOs conjures images of the Monopoly guy running around with a sack of money. But there are also some solid opportunities out there for sales associates--you just have to dig a bit to find them.

We've done some of the digging for you with this list of the ten highest-paying employers for sales associates. Click through below to take a look (or apply!). You could have a great new job faster than you can say "sold!"

Highest-Paying Retail Jobs
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These Are the 10 Highest-Paying Companies for Sales Associates

Average salary: $13.24/hr

Employee review: "I had a wonderful time working there, the atmosphere was lively and very easy going. The hours were reasonable, and the pay was excellent."

> Find a job at Bloomingdale's

Average salary: $12.23/hr

Employee review: "You get to meet a lot of different people and work with a variety of people. It is a great way to make some connections professionally because you can spend a lot of time with your customer, especially, if you help them between departments."

> Find a job at Nordstrom

Average salary: $11.56/hr

Employee review: "Decent wages, good part time benefits, work well around personal life, an open, friendly environment that was a good experience to have under my belt."

> Find a job at Home Depot

Average salary: $11.47/hr

Employee review: "They are flexible and work around my primary job. Everyone is helpful and easy to work with. The managers seem to care and help whenever asked."

> Find a job at Lowe's

Average salary: $11.40/hr

Employee review"Enjoyed the employee discount and extra discount near Christmas. Worked for a very fair manager. Fair salary. Work life balance was always fairly good."

> Find a job at Dillard's

Average salary: $10.97/hr

Employee review: "Competitive pay, really good benefits, tuition reimbursement is excellent. They have also been really flexible with my schedule, which helps my home/work-life balance."

> Find a job at T-Mobile

Average salary: $10.86/hr

Employee review: "Great leadership, had a chance to develop communication skills with customers and management, had ample time to learn enough about the products, friendly coworkers, able to have a good work-life balance, and adaptable atmosphere."

> Find a job at Coach

Average salary: $10.37/hr

Employee review: "You'll make lots of great friends, learn a lot and possibly move into a high paying position without much external work (i.e. college or trade school), tuition reimbursement."

> Find a job at Best Buy

Average salary: $10.22/hr

Employee review: "The pay here is better here than most retail jobs. In addition, and depending on which store you work at, you also get a percentage of what the store makes, a nice perk called store commission."

> Find a job at Zara

Average salary: $9.81/hr

Employee review: "Coworkers work together as a team during shifts, easy training, position is NOT commission, good compensation, great discount."

> Find a job at Anthropologie


Salary data and employee reviews sourced from Glassdoor.
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