The 10 College Majors With The Highest Starting Salaries

Power engineer performing maintenance on fluid filled high voltage insulator
GettyElectrical engineering is a potentially lucrative major.

By Peter Jacobs

Electrical engineering majors make the most money immediately after graduating college, with an average starting salary of $57,030, according to a recent study from Michigan State University.

The study comes from MSU's College Employment Research Institute, and charts the average starting salaries for new college graduates in a variety of majors.

According to the MSU study, the average starting salary among all new college graduates is $39,045. The lowest average starting salary - advertising - is $36,638.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the MSU list is dominated by engineering majors. Check out the top 10 highest average starting salaries below (or click on one of the jobs to apply!).

Electrical Engineering - $57,030
Computer Engineering - $56,576
Mechanical Engineering - $56,055
Software Design - $54,183
Computer Programming - $54,065
Chemical Engineering - $53,622
Computer Science - $52,237
Civil Engineering - $51,622
Mathematics - $47,952
Construction - $45,591