This Mother/Daughter Business Bridges Gen Y Gap

Elevate Gen Y
Elevate Gen Y

What do health, wellness, philanthropy and professional and personal development have in common? They are all the foundation of Elevate Gen Y, a company that offers live events and programming to millennials. Elevate Gen Y is run by mother/daughter duo Sharon Ufberg and Alexis Sclamberg.

After graduating from college, Sclamberg (like many young women) was clueless about what she wanted and went to law school by default. She earned her law degree and found herself in the same unsure situation -- now with a ton of debt.

After reading self-help books, listening to personal development webinars and finding nothing relating to her quarter-life crisis, she talked to her mom about the generational issue of finding life direction at a particular phase of life.

"It was immediately obvious that this was our chance to work with one another to put our hearts and passions together to create something amazing," Sclamberg says. Her mom spent over 30 years as a health care practitioner guiding people to live more empowered and healthier lives.

"I wanted to learn how to make wise decisions (not just practical ones)," Sclamberg adds. "My generation needs community, inspiration, empowerment. We need to feel like we're not alone in this crazy time that is your 20's and 30's."

So Elevate Gen Y was born.

The company creates live events and online programming for women in their 20s and 30s to inspire and empower them to live happy, healthy, meaningful lives and back to their community and the world. They, in term, are inspired by the email they receive from women about connections they've made and how the program has changed their lives.

The mother and daughter seem to enjoy their work together and are ready to embark on"The Borrowed Wisdom World Summit, a 12-week interview series featuring self-help experts, world-renowned doctors, celebrities and more. "We've spent years searching and have found the very best experts to help listeners get a life they love," says Sclamberg

What's the biggest piece of wisdom they've borrowed so far?

"People are very generous and willing to help you if you are brave enough to ask for what you need," says her mom.

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