Game of the Day: Kingdom Rush

The tower defense genre has consistently been one of the most popular casual games in recent years, and for today's Game of the Day, we bring you one of the best: Kingdom Rush.

For all of you tower defense veterans, you'll pick up the controls and nuances of Kingdom Rush immediately. But for all of you new to the genre, the basic gist of a tower defense game is to defend a route or path in your kingdom from hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends. To do so, you use a variety of towers with different abilities that will neutralize the enemies flooding into your kingdom.

If you need some more tip and tricks specific to Kingdom Rush, we got you covered here at our blog:

<a href="">Kingdom Rush Tips and Tricks</a>

And if you're ready to defend the kingdom, click here to play Kingdom Rush now!

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