The Biggest Xbox One Games of 2015

Xbox One owners are already drowning in plenty of things to play until next year, what with the deluge of triple-A titles and all during the end of this one, but 2015 is still going to be rife with lots of new titles! That's why Prima Games has put together this helpful list to remind you of what's out there to get hyped over. Warning: You may want to hide your wallet.

The Biggest Xbox One Games of 2015

Microsoft's Xbox One had a stellar 2014, with multiple critically acclaimed video games. In addition to various third-party hits, the company put its best foot forward with the likes of Project Spark, Forza Horizon 2, a second season of Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive and of course, next week's forthcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection. However, 2015 is even bigger. Along with many anticipated titles, Microsoft will also bring a variety of independent favorites that will make a big impact when they debut on Xbox Live. On that note, here's what you'll play next year.


"Time to get back to work, Agent!" Crackdown made its next-gen debut at E3 earlier this year, with an action-packed trailer that points to the latest release in the series being just as chaotic as its predecessors. Expect to run all over the city collecting beacons, throwing cars and stomping criminals – all in the name of justice!

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