Here are the features fans want most out of Destiny 2

Destiny has been around long enough now to inspire legions of fans to clamor for the sequel. And with Destiny 2 officially confirmed by Bungie, now's a better time than ever to run down what we'd like to see in a sequel to the popular MMOFPS. Prima Games has their very own scoop on the matter. Check out what they had to say about it!

Most Wanted Features in Destiny 2

The first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, does not release until December 9 and the core game is almost two months old, but Activision already announced the next entry in Bungie's first person franchise. No official title yet, but for now, we'll simply refer to it as Destiny 2.

While the current game has room to grow, we can't help but think about all the cool things the developers could put into the sequel, particularly for the story mode. With that in mind, here are a few things we'd love to see.

New planets outside of our solar system

Destiny, as good as it is, would greatly benefit from a dramatic change of scenery. Beautiful environments on the Earth, moon, Mars and Venus left us in awe, but it wasn't long before we'd seen everything the game had to offer.

Destiny 2 will take us to new locations of course, but it would be smart to move beyond our solar system. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are difficult to set missions on since these planets are gas giants (their moons are up for grabs), while Pluto should come to the first Destiny (we can only hope) via downloadable content. With limited options, Bungie would be wise to expand throughout the universe. The Hive live on the moon, but did they originate from there? Probably not, and the same holds true for The Vex.

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