Conquer Call of Duty's Ascend map in multiplayer

You're no doubt enjoying many a multiplayer brawl in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, so why not take some time to brush up on some special strategies on a specific map? Prima Games has you covered with their Ascend map guide. You'll be dropping fools in no time if you follow these tips and tricks!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Ascend Multiplayer Map

Map Scorestreak: Auto-Turrets. Gain control of the automated turrets on this level to devastate the opposing team.

Ascend consists of a multi-level central area, two opposing ends of the map with differing terrain, and a tight interior space directly beneath the space elevator itself. You can transition quickly between anywhere in the center to the space elevator, or to either end of the map.

There are quite a few elevated vantage points on the edges of the map, but there are fewer in the center and the space elevator. Beware of rooftop defenders when you approach either side of the map. When moving through the center of the map, be aware of the catwalks below. While multiple routes across the main level break up the sightlines, enemies can sneak under from below. In objective modes, have someone monitor the catwalks below for hostiles.

The space elevator room is particularly dangerous. Be careful entering it, as you can expect a nasty close-quarters fight to erupt. Whenever possible, try to enter from a direction your opponents won't suspect, or throw grenades to clear a path.

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