Is Pippa Middleton the Next 'Today Show' Correspondent?

Pippa Middleton arrives for the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014.

Could Pippa Middleton be the newest addition to "The Today Show" on NBC? That's what the New York Post's Page Six is saying, reporting that a source tells them the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister could be gearing up for a correspondent gig.

"'Today' has been doing a test piece with Pippa in Utah, and if it works out well – and it looks like it will – they will hire her as a correspondent," the source told Page Six.

NBC has thus far denied having any involvement with Middleton, but hiring her could be a canny move for the network: her June interview with Matt Lauer scored high ratings. Daily Mail reported that in 2012, NBC planned to offer Middleton $600,000 to be a royal correspondent, but this was also denied by the network.

As for the current rumors, don't get too excited about Middleton potentially dishing up royal family gossip. According to Page Six, she's expected to handle lifestyle and health coverage, in line with her work as a former columnist for the Daily Telegraph (she currently writes for Vanity Fair).

Still, these are just that--rumors. "This is 100 percent not true and it seems anyone suggesting otherwise is 'royally' ­jealous," an NBC rep told Page Six.
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