NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Drops Ranch Price for a Fast Sale

horses in pasture on jeff gordon's ranch
ZillowAlong with spectacular mountain views, Jeff Gordon's Colorado ranch has ample access to precious water.

By Laura Vecsey

When it comes to cutting the angles for a win, Jeff Gordon is the king. Now the four-time NASCAR champ with more than 700 career races is looking to use those same speedy techniques to checkered flag a land sale for his Colorado ranch.

Gordon has dropped the price on his 1,930-acre spread in Missouri Heights outside of Aspen. Originally listed for $12.5 million in May 2013 and knocked down to $10.95 million last October, the eternally verdant land is now priced at $10.5 million.

With a new home base in Charlotte, North Carolina -- where he custom-built a massive house to raise his two young kids -- 43-year-old Gordon has been shifting his real estate priorities in recent years. He sold a stellar Central Park West apartment for $25 million last year and now appears eager to part with the Colorado spread, a place he used to spend time racing snowmobiles and hanging with friends, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In addition to killer alpine views, one major draw of Gordon's ranch is its ample water rights -- a big deal in Western states. The water comes from multiple ditches and springs, as well as a 30-percent share of Consolidated Reservoir. Gordon had been working on a deal to sell the property to a golf course developer, but reports are that the agreement fell through. With no conservation easements, the land can be used in any way the new owner wishes.

The listing is held by A. Scott Davidson ofAspen Associates Realty Group LLC.

Jeff Gordon's Colorado Ranch
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NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Drops Ranch Price for a Fast Sale

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