Here's what to do in Destiny after you finish the campaign

If you've already conquered Destiny's campaign, you're probably wondering what to do next. Fret not, as there's still plenty to do in Bungie's MMOFPS. Prima Games has put together a showcase of what exactly you can expect to still squeeze out of the game now that we're two months out from its official release. Check out what Prima suggests to try out!

The Best Things to do After Beating Destiny - Loot Cave, Vault of Glass

Nearly two months after its initial release, it's safe to assume that most people completed the campaign in Destiny. In fact, they've probably done this multiple times over to get their hands on an Exotic Engram, all the while keeping an eye out for Loot Cave 9.0 or whatever crazy version we're up to at this point.

If that scenario sounds familiar, you've probably been stuck in the grind. The good news is, there's a lot more to Destiny than getting ripped off by the Cryptarch on a daily basis. Why not take a break and check out a couple of the ideas we've come up with to help you pass the time until the next Iron Banner event, and the upcoming expansion, The Dark Below?

Complete the Vault of Glass

As time ticks on, there are more and more people completing the Vault of Glass, but there are still plenty of players out there who have yet to attempt it. Currently, it's perhaps the most challenging thing you can do in-game, needing to be properly ranked up and in a squad if you have even the smallest hope of making it through.

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