Ask Jack: Thanksgiving Invite, Boss's Jacket, Job of the Week

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Hey you turkeys, another holiday is almost upon us. And Steve needs...

Help! My boss invited me for Thanksgiving dinner. (People in the office know I'm single and live really far from my parents.) I don't want to go -- but *should* I go? So confused.

You should NOT go. Don't get me wrong, it was a very nice offer (thank the boss profusely), and you should take comfort in the fact that your supervisor is not completely repulsed by you. But:

A) It's possible that the boss feels sorry for you, and we don't want to come across as pathetic.

B) You don't want people in the office thinking you're the boss's little pet, do you?

C) Once you cross that work/home line, it is difficult to cross back. And...

D) It could possibly be the most awkward dinner party in the history of mankind.

But how to handle it? Easy. You just got an invite from your "cousin." If you say "friend," you might offend the boss -- your friend is more important than me?!? But blood trumps office hierarchy 10 times out of 10. And nobody knows how many cousins you have. You probably don't even know.

Then, be prepared to run into your boss after Thanksgiving break. You should be able to fake this pretty well; you've been to holiday dinners and seen them in movies and TV. Brush up on the football games, as that's always good for small talk. Good luck, and give my best to your imaginary family.

Kelly says:

My boss is the worst. She often makes comments about my clothing. And when we go to meetings, she insists I wear a suit jacket she keeps in her office. What can I do?

Hmm, looks like somebody isn't getting invited for Thanksgiving dinner. There are a few ways to look at this. Ask a human resources rep or look in a company handbook to see if there's any sort of dress code. A boss can probably recommend a certain level of attire ("Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have"), but they can't demand anything that isn't in corporate guidelines. It could even cross over into harassment. At some point, you may want to report this behavior, but only you can make the determination. All I can tell you is, if you don't want to "play the game," then don't. Life is too short. But maybe bring in your own "nicer" item to keep at work so you don't ever have to wear that creepy suit jacket again.

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