Here's how to play your best game as the Goliath in the Evolve Alpha

If you're knee-deep in 2K's Evolve Alpha, you're no doubt looking for any strategies you can find to stay afloat in-game. Prima Games has you covered, with strategies that explain how to tackle each unique role in the game. This particular piece details how to best play as the Goliath.

Evolve: How to Play as the Goliath

Evolve or Die

As the title suggests, evolution plays a huge part in Evolve, so with the Goliath, you'll want to make sure you level up quickly. In order to do this, you'll need to seek food in the form of animals wounded by the Hunters or ones you injure yourself.

When you see these critters, stop and gobble them up. Once you get enough of them, you'll move up to level two, which will increase the power of your abilities. This will make you stronger overall, but don't stop there.

If you eat a few more creatures, you'll move up to level three, and in a multiplayer match, this can be a real difference maker. By achieving level three, you'll gain access to the Hunters' home base and attempt to destroy it. Doing this will reward you a victory in the match, but you can bet they'll be ready to defend it, so keep an eye on your prey, and maybe plan an aerial strike or throw rocks to clear them out of the way.

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