Wall Street This Week: The Health of MannKind, Humana

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From the leading maker of premium plug-in sedans pulling in for its quarterly pit stop to an update on a fast-growing portal making bigger waves overseas than it is close to home, here are some of the things that will help shape the week that lies ahead on Wall Street.

Monday -- One Small Step for MannKind

%VIRTUAL-WSSCourseInline-799%This should have been a great year for MannKind (MNKD). The fledgling drug developer received regulatory clearance to market Afrezza, its inhaled insulin therapy that will appeal to adults with diabetes seeking a break from the pinprick of insulin needles.

In "sell on the news" fashion, shares of MannKind peaked in anticipation of FDA approval, but the stock has gone on to shed nearly half of its peak value after it got what it wanted. MannKind reports on Monday afternoon. Investors will naturally want to see how Afrezza is coming along ahead of its commercial rollout.

Tuesday -- Name Your Own Stock Price

Priceline.com (PCLN) has been a market darling over the years. The "name your own price" travel portal has consistently beaten Wall Street profit targets en route to a four-figure stock price. The are only three stocks out there trading at a higher price on a stateside exchange.

Priceline's success stretches beyond its namesake site that offers travel deals for savvy penny pinchers. Priceline's biggest revenue driver these days is Booking.com, with a strong presence in Europe.

Analysts see revenue and earnings per share climbing 25 percent and 22 percent, respectively. That's the kind of growth that justifies the stock's smooth ascent over the past decade, and let's not forget that history suggests that Priceline's bottom-line growth will exceed what the pros are forecasting.

Wednesday -- Electric Avenue

Few companies have captured the spirit of innovation in an otherwise ho-hum industry the way that Tesla Motors (TSLA) has over the past couple of years. The company behind the leading all-electric luxury sedan has made the car industry cool again, with everything from the promise of cars that will drive themselves in a few years to the growing network of Supercharger stations that refuel Tesla's electric cars on the open road at no additional cost.

There have been concerns that growth is slowing at Tesla. Recent moves to offer lower lease rates and 90-day money-back guarantees have some wondering if Tesla's peaked in popularity. That isn't likely, especially with new cars expected to join the Model S soon at different price points. Tesla reports on Wednesday, and CEO Elon Musk is always good for a colorful quote or two.

Thursday -- Thinking Outside the Cable Box

Cablevision (CVC) reports on Thursday. The cable provider has been suffering from net cancellations as customers balk at escalating prices. It's easy to see why Cablevision customers are fed up. The average monthly cable revenue per video customer at Cablevision is up to a whopping $174.14.

It's not alone. Leading cable provider Comcast (CMCSA) recently announced another quarter of declining video customers. It has now suffered sequential declines in cable TV subscribers in 28 of the past 30 quarters.

Friday -- Health Checkup

Fridays are usually quiet on the financial news front, but that's not the case when we're waist-deep into earnings season. Humana (HUM) will be one of the dozens of companies reporting on Friday morning to wrap up the trading week.

Analysts see the health insurance benefits provider posting mixed results. They see revenue shooting nearly 20 percent higher, but they see profitability going the other way.

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