Monday's Mystery: Who is #AlexfromTarget?

One day you go to work as usual. Do your job as always. The next morning you wake up and ...

You're famous. Internet famous. With your own hashtag, fan fiction, hundreds of thousands of followers, and even a "We heart you" tweet from your boss.

Could it happen to you? Well ...

Are you a teenage boy with a cute smile? Do you wear a cute red uniform? Work at Target?

Then, yes. (Walmart, State Farm, and Best Buy all work, too.)

Otherwise. Not so much.

The rules of viral Internet fame are a mystery to all but the throngs of Bieber-ized teenagers. The hashtag #AlexfromTarget originally meant nothing to anyone over Demi Lovato age. We're only paying attention now because we vaguely remember when we had frenzied hormones like this. And besides, it's Monday.

Alex's Twitter ascent magically happened overnight. On Sunday a user with the Twitter handle @auscalum tweeted a photo of him. Nearly a million mentions less than 24 hours later, the #AlexFromTarget meme has inspired its own Tumblr, numerous fake accounts, R-rated fan fiction, countless articles, and continues to trend on Twitter. His Twitter bio now reads "Official Alex from Target." We know little about the enigmatic Alex, AKA @acl163. He may work at a Target in Texas, if his Texas A&M sweatshirt is any indication. Will he show up as the next Bachelor?..."Cause he got all famous cause he's cute and he works at target," quoth @auscalum.

Will this trend increase store traffic or a boost in holiday hiring applications as those sweet spot teens try to track down the next Alex?

He already has some competition. #AskJake from State Farm, already one of the season's popular Halloween costumes, is now trending.
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