50 scariest video games EVER, part 1


There are many games out there that have the sole intention of scaring the player, but not all of those games are just as frightening as they intended to be.... and then there are the games that maybe didn't mean to be just as creepy as they ended up being. This is a Prima Games list of the 50 scariest video games of all time, kicking it off with games 50-41.

50. Deadly Premonition

This Twin Peaks style mystery is definitely on the quirky side, but it has its fair share of scares as you try to solve a cult-like murder while running into a variety of unique characters along the way. You'll definitely find a few jolts, including a memorable run-in with a raincoat-wearing killer.

49. Bioshock

Although built more as a straightforward action/adventure game, Bioshock's tone set the pace for sending chills up your spine. For instance, the introduction to the vicious Big Daddy is enough to send anyone packing, especially after he easily subdues one of Rapture's unsettled residents with his drill. Ouch.

48. Sinistar

This 80s arcade hit from Midway Games deserves the nod because of the sheer terror that comes from a fully built Sinistar pursuing you through space. Even if you're packing a few Sinibombs to deal some damage, that won't stop him from homing in, letting out a devastating roar and destroying your ship. "Run, coward!"

47. Illbleed

Putting a horror experience in a theme park is always an interesting idea, if only to see what kind of freaks await around each ride. Illbleed for the Dreamcast is one of the best games to utilize this theme, with plenty of shocks with each new character you discover. Plus, the ability to read your pulse (and avoid cardiac arrest) put a new twist on the proceedings.

46. The Thing

Based on the John Carpenter horror classic of the same name, The Thing perfectly recaptures the ambience of the movie, as you stalk a horrifying creature that can transform into anyone or anything it comes in contact with. The fear of being stalked settles in throughout this game, making it a must-play for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC.

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