UPS Driver 'Soccer Kicks' $12,000 Package

If you're going by headlines alone, shipping companies are seemingly staffed primarily by angry men whose workaday stresses have driven them to take out their rage on inanimate objects. It's a story that surfaces once every couple of weeks: a delivery dude on a security video wallops some poor, helpless package into submission. This time, though, the delivery dude in question brought some stylish soccer-style moves to the table.

As CBS2 reports, a UPS driver was delivering a package to Westbury, NY's East Hills Instruments, when an employee told him that the company couldn't accept anything requiring cash on demand. That seemed to set off the driver, who proceeded to angrily kick, flip, and roll the package back to the truck--all in front of security cameras.

"He kind of one-hands it and then the kick and then the Pelé-style soccer kick," Ray Martel of East Hills Instruments told CBS2. "He does it right in front of the camera. I mean, who does that?"

Here's the kicker (no pun intended): the package, marked fragile, was worth $12,000. It contained something called a nitrogen calibration system--which, yeah, toss that around like it's full of pillows!

UPS has since apologized to East Hills, saying that it will take "corrective action" with the driver.

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