5 Spooky Games for Halloween

Halloween is upon us! Of course the typical Halloween festivities are in order: candy and costumes, pumpkin carving and scary movie marathons... but none of those give a good scare like a spooky horror game! Modojo is here with 5 creepy Halloween games that are here just in in time for this Halloween. If these are too freaky, there's always the festive Candy Blast Mania!

Forever Lost

Waking up in an abandoned mental hospital, you remember nothing. This simple premise belays a rich and deep game, filled to the brim with creepy atmosphere and challenging logic puzzles. Few other games on mobile come close to capturing the lonliness and desparation that this game does. This game is split into 3 parts with the first two being available now and the finale coming soon.

Five Nights at Freddy's

As a night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, it's your job to protect the place, but nobody told you the real danger would be from inside the building. In this homage to classic FMV horror games of the 90's you'll have to manage the store's lights, cameras, and doors at the expense of precious electricity to protect yourself from the animatronic Freddy and his friends. The constant feeling of vunerability and threat of running out of electricity along with a plethora of jump scares makes this a great game to curl up with on Halloween night.

Year Walk

This game is based on Swedish folklore and is a trip through the world of surrealistic horror. The creepy grainy atmosphere will make players uncomfortable and the subject matter is terrifying. This game can be a bit confusing, but sticking with it and solving the obtuse-at-times puzzles will leave players with a great experience.

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