Dead Politician Miraculously Comments On NH Senate Race

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They say that the dead vote in Chicago. That's nothing: in New Hampshire, they pontificate.

If you need proof, go talk to Marshall Cobleigh, a former New Hampshire Speaker of the House and state energy chief. In a recently published op-ed in the Foster's Daily Democrat of Dover, New Hampshire, Cobleigh weighed in on the current U.S. senatorial race, claiming that Democratic candidate Jeanne Shaheen's position on energy issues is all talk, no action.

There are just two problems. One, the op-ed originally ran in 2008. Two, Cobleigh has been dead for five years, as Bloomberg explained. Which would make talking to him about the problem an exercise in frustration.

But the NH Journal has an explanation. There is a heated contest between Shaheen, who is up for reelection, and Scott Brown, the former senator from Massachusetts who was defeated by Elizabeth Warren and who then moved north to the Granite State in search of another seat in the Senate.

In a television debate last week between the two, Shaheen allegedly denied that she had ever opposed the nuclear power plant in the ocean community of Seabrook. The Republican Party argued that she had, partly by releasing the Cobleigh commentary in a press release and titling it The Late, Great Marshall Cobleigh on Jeanne Shaheen's Opposition to Nuclear Power.

The piece was obviously dated as it partly addressed "skyrocketing gasoline prices," even though pump prices have been steadily dropping.

And yet, the Daily Democrat published the piece as an op-ed, even though it allegedly did not address the fact that its author was long deceased. The Daily Democrat's online home,, does mention that "Cobleigh was a former speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and the former state energy chief" and that the piece had originally run in the Manchester Union Leader in 2008, but it doesn't exactly say that Cobleigh is in that great voting booth in the sky.

The result has been an embarrassment to the Republicans, with such media treatment as Scott Brown locks up key dead New Hampshire Republican endorsementin the Daily Kos and Bloomberg's Politician Who Has Been Dead Since 2009 Just Weighed In on New Hampshire Senate Race.

What would Cobleigh himself have to say about the mess? Keep your eye on the Daily Democrat, as there's no telling when he may again weigh in.
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