People Do the Craziest Things (To Get a Job)

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ShutterstockMessage in a bottle? One job seeker went to comparable lengths to find employment.

Trying to get your dream job is a daunting task. Sometimes, it takes going a little over the top just to get an interview. In a recent discussion on, people described the craziest thing they had ever done to get a job. Hopefully, you can learn a few tricks of your own from their stories.

Adventure Time!

One user was networking late at night on a Caribbean island. After hitting it off with a potential employer, he wanted to give his resume to the guy the next day. Unfortunately, the employer was leaving for the deep sea in the morning.

The jobseeker was undeterred. Putting his CV in a water-tight bag, he made his way out to the beach the next day. The boat was really, really, far out. He didn't let it stop him. He started swimming, figuring there were enough boats around to rescue him, if need be.

After a few hours in the warm Caribbean water, he was able to get his CV to the surprised (and probably extremely impressed) potential employer. And he landed the job.


Food is the Way to Your Employer's Hearts

Another user, down on her luck, decided to deliver Valentine's Day chocolates to her potential employers, along with her resume and marketing plan. The plan actually helped her gain experience marketing. And it paid off in the job market. She landed a number of interviews.

However, the best ruse for using food to get to a potential employers was the person who made cheesecake for a then little-known company called Google (ahem). Soon, human resources called him in -- but not for the reason he expected. With his cutting knife in hand (along with the cheesecake), the user entered the office -- and quickly realized he looked crazy.

The story has a half-happy ending. After another employee explained what he was doing, the user did get an interview. But the user declined, citing a "stuffy" atmosphere!

That cheesecake could have been worth millions...

A Little Honesty Goes a Long Way

One person went on four interviews in a row -- after traveling overseas. By the last interview, he was too exhausted to give any complex answers. Responding with a series of yes and no, the interviewer was actually excited by his "efficiency." When the employer asked how he had the guts to be so blunt, all he needed to tell him was:

"I'm too tired to lie or embellish."

And the job was his.

Another user was a little nervous in his big interview. In the series of standard questions, the potential employer asked him what he truly wanted from the job. The user froze. He couldn't figure out the best answer.

His anxious response?

"I want your job."

The room fell silent. The user describes what felt likes minutes passing.

But it wasn't all so bad.

He got the job. The boss explained later that he liked his honesty.

Worse Comes to Worse...

One user explains he became pretty tired of all the shenanigans of job-hunting.

So he hired himself.

Good thinking.
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