The Week That Was (10/20 - 10/24)

Grocery receipt with shallow focus, close up image

The weekend's almost here! Time to breathe a sigh of relief and unwind. But first, take a look at some of our top posts for the past week, including a look at a controversial chemical used in receipt paper that could have health repercussions for cashiers, and eight essential do's and don'ts for avoiding humiliation (professional or otherwise) at your office's big Halloween party.

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6. Author Gets A Bad Book Review And Stalks The Reviewer
7. Low-Wage Worker Noncompetes? Can You Say Antitrust?
8. Reinvent Yourself To Find Passion in Today's Job Market
9. Ask Jack: Always Late, Kevin Needs Work, and Job of the Week
10. Beware of These 4 Grammar Mistakes on Resumes and Cover Letters