New York Apartment Building Is Tallest in the Americas

master bathroom 432 park avenue
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe PropertiesRendering of a master bathroom in a finished apartment at 432 Park Avenue.
When the first residents of 432 Park Avenue say they're feeling on top of the world, they won't be speaking in metaphors. The 96-floor condo nearing completion stands 1,396 feet tall. It is, at the moment, not only the tallest residential building in Manhattan, or in the U.S., or in North America; developers CIM Group and Macklowe Properties claim the rooftop of 432 Park Avenue is the highest of any apartment building in the whole Western Hemisphere.

Not only can you see the world from the top of 432 Park Avenue's, Rafael Viñoly-designed tower, but the world can see you.

"It's almost like the Mona Lisa," said developer Harry B. Macklowe in a New York Times story. "Except instead of it looking at you, you're looking at it wherever you are. You can't escape it."

The skyline-changing tower, which looks like a giant domino stretching to the clouds, includes apartments reportedly priced from $7 million to $95 million. But when it comes to living among the stars -- like, the actual stars -- money apparently is no object.

Check out the developer's website to see what you could see at 558 feet to 1,271 feet.

432 Park Avenue
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New York Apartment Building Is Tallest in the Americas

Besides views from the Bronx to Brooklyn, all of Central Park and part of the Atlantic Ocean, the new building between 56th and 57th streets, features:
  • units with 12½-foot ceilings and 10-by-10-foot windows.
  • private restaurant for residents and guests only.
  • lounge.
  • gym.
  • billiards room.
  • pool.
  • massage therapy room.
Like the fastest gun in the West, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere will always have wannabes nipping at its heels. 432 Park Avenue has a formidable rival growing taller every day.

By mid-2015, 225 West 57th is set to reach 1,479 ft. above street level, according to YIMBY. It could steal the title before the first residents of 432 Park Avenue move in next fall.
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