Want to Be a Chief Birthday Officer?

Girl blowing out birthday candle

You could call this a 21st century 24/7 social media maven/marketing/brand ambassador job.

Instead, Edible Arrangements has put a ribbon on it by creating the title Chief Birthday Officer and is looking for someone with one or two years of business experience to fill the role who also knows everything there is about creating a terrific birthday celebration. (Translation: young and the salary is undefined. But there are benefits.)

Deadline to apply is Monday. Here's the Chief Birthday Officer job spec.

"Birthdays are the No. 1 occasion for people to give Edible's fruit creations as a gift. So we decided to have a dedicated leader that is all things birthday -- identifying whether it's well-known celebrities or not-so-known heroes around the country," says Rob Price, president of Edible Arrangements, which is headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut.

The CBO must have "some of the tech savvy, some of the chutzpah that's required to just be everywhere at once," he adds. "When you think birthday, you'll think Edible Arrangements."

Since some of the work will most likely take place at home, hey, you could probably even wear your birthday suit!

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