How One Couple Is Changing Views of America's Hourly Workers

Heath Padgett sits atop the RV he and his wife Alyssa use for the
Facebook/Hourly America

For 23-year-old Heath Padgett, the traditional transition from college to the workforce wasn't panning out the way he had hoped. A recent graduate of Concordia University in Texas, Padgett found himself working for a software company. He enjoyed the work, but he was looking for something more. After some thinking, Heath and his fiancée (now wife) Alyssa decided to turn their dream of seeing all 50 states into a reality with a purpose.

So began Hourly America -- a journey through all 50 states, one seven-and-a-half hour shift at a time.

The couple spruced up a 20-year-old motorhome and planned to hit the road just a few days after their wedding. After some initial hourly job searching in his first state, New Mexico, Heath noticed that SnagAJob was a destination for the work he was trying to land.

Padgett met with the company and they signed on as a sponsor, providing Alyssa with camera equipment to document the entire journey.

Along the way, the duo has met many personalities in a lot of occupations.