Ebola Quarantine Over for NBC's Snyderman


NBC's on-air chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman has cleared the 21-day quarantine for Ebola imposed after a cameraman she worked with in Africa was diagnosed with the virus. While Snyderman isn't expected to return to work for another month, NBC News Chief Deborah Turness hoped that the news would signal a return to normalcy for Snyderman and her team.

"They have cleared the range of time when Ebola symptoms typically appear," Turness wrote in an NBC memo. "The range can be between 2-21 days after exposure but the average time symptoms appear is between 8-10 days. They remain healthy and symptom-free, which is a great relief to all."

Snyderman made headlines earlier this month when she breached her quarantine to order take-out. Credibility issues ensued, with some calling for the editor to be fired or be stripped of her medical license.

"People are so freaked out about Ebola that the problem NBC has now is that whenever they put her on the air, some news consumers are going to see the woman who put others at risk, rather than the reporter and professional with great experience," said Kelly McBride, an expert on ethics for the journalism think tank the Poynter Institute.

Snyderman has since apologized for breaking the quarantine. Ashoka Mukpo, the cameraman who contracted Ebola when he and Snyderman were working together in Africa, also came to her defense on Twitter:
Mukpo has since received a clean bill of health. As for Snyderman, now would probably be a good time for her to celebrate--perhaps with a little takeout.
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