What all do we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 so far?


Kingdom Hearts fans all over the globe have been waiting with bated breath to hear more about the latest installment of the whimisical collaboration between Disney and Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts 3 is on the horizon, but what all do we really know about the third installment to the popular trilogy? Prima Games collected all the information we've got currently to assess what we know and what's coming when the game finally releases!

Kingdom Hearts 3 First Look

One of the most highly anticipated games of all time sent fans into a frenzy at E3 2013 when Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 3. It's well over a year later and we still don't know much about the upcoming collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. However, we know enough to whet your appetite, so let's take a look at what Square Enix is cooking up for the next installment in the Kingdom Hearts series.

The director of Kingdom Hearts 3, Tetsuya Nomura, was originally directing Final Fantasy 15 as well. However, Square Enix recently moved him off Final Fantasy 15 so he could focus all of his attention on Kingdom Hearts 3. The initial news surrounding this move seemed to indicate that we might see Kingdom Hearts 3 a bit sooner than expected, however it was later revealed that development on Kingdom Hearts 3 had shifted from Square's in-house Luminous engine (the same engine that Final Fantasy 15 is running on) to the more traditional Unreal Engine 4. This change set the development process back a bit, but it seems likely that Nomura will be able to get things back on track now that he doesn't have to focus on Final Fantasy 15 as well.

Generally speaking, Unreal Engine games have a very specific look. When the announcement was made that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be developed on the next-generation engine, many wondered if the look and feel of the Kingdom Hearts series would change. Thankfully this is not the case, and fans can breathe easy knowing that while Kingdom Hearts 3 will look better than any previous game in the series, it will still retain the trademark cartoon-style of the past.

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