Alien: Isolation is welcoming new DLC!

If you've already thwarted the alien in Alien: Isolation and need more to do, there's good news on the horizon! There's additional content coming to the game in the form of DLC, known as Corporate Lockdown. Prima Games has the scoop on the upcoming content!

Alien: Isolation Corporate Lockdown DLC Releases October 28

One of the more cerebral things to do in Sega's Alien: Isolation involves reading all of the messages/emails stored on Seegson computer terminals, piecing together the tragic events that befell Sevastopol Station before Amanda Ripley arrived. How did an Alien get on board, and what happened to the Nostromo flight recorder from the doomed ship? For Alien fans, the backstory greatly enhances the plot, and it's fun uncovering new shreds of info.

On that note, Sega and Creative Assembly will provide additional morsels with the upcoming Corporate Lockdown DLC, which debuts October 28 across all platforms for $7.99/€6.99/£5.59. In it, players will attempt to outwit the Alien across three brand-new Survival Mode maps called Severance, Scorched Earth and Loose Ends. Instead of playing as Ripley, they'll control executive Ransome, who attempts to hitch a ride on Amanda's ship, the Torrens, with precious Nostromo data.

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