The Week That Was (10/13 - 10/17)

Executive people being nice with the boss

Have you hugged your boss this week? Okay, maybe not hugged, but Thursday (if you weren't aware) was Boss's Day, which means that we investigated when, why, and how our superiors should be shown appreciation. Unless, of course they're doing something illegal (in which case, we've got tips for you too).

We've also got our usual mix of news, advice, and longer features. Dig in below, and enjoy your weekend!

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3. The Perfect Gift For Boss's Day: Learn Boss-Speak
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5. Dealing with a Dip at Work? Here are 8 Ways to Bounce Back
6. Ask Jack: Boss's Day, Printer Ethics, and Job of the Week
7. From Blue Collar to Blue Ties
8. Outrageous Boss Requests: Where Do You Draw the Line?
9. Meet The Man Who Created Pants That Won't Wrinkle
10. How And When To Ask For A Pay Raise And Leave Out The Karma