Kick butt with Maya in Killer Instinct!

Just picked up Season Two of Killer Instinct and want to start cleaning house as Maya? Look no further than this breakdown of Maya's moves, fighting style, and general tips and tricks that you can use to decimate the competition. We've got Prima Games to thank for this one, so give the guide a spin and see how you can brush up your game!

Killer Instinct: Maya Breakdown

With the official release of Killer Instinct Season Two comes the addition of Maya and TJ Combo. When new characters are released for Killer Instinct, they seem to have more unique gameplay mechanics when compared to the existing characters. Maya is no exception to this, as her play style revolves around the use of her two daggers, which create some very unique situations, but also make her a little hard to adjust to.

Maya has two daggers, Temperance and Vengeance, that she can throw at an opponent from various angles. When an opponent blocks these projectile attacks, the daggers gain a charge. Each dagger can gain up to two charges, which are used when Maya performs the Enmity Strike projectile attack. The properties of Enmity Strike change depending on Maya's dagger charges. With one Temperance Strike charge, Enmity Strike gains the ability to ricochet. Two Temperance Strike charges make Enmity Strike home in on the opponent. One Vengeance Strike charge gives Enmity Strike durability, so it not only goes through other projectiles, but destroys them in the process. Two Vengeance Strike charges makes Enmity Strike unblockable.

Your entire game plan with Maya should be to use these daggers to build charges and open up the opponent. The trick is to maintain constant pressure while either forcing the opponent to block the daggers, or starting a combo if the daggers connect. Many of Maya's attacks automatically pick up the daggers if she's close enough to them, and she can use Dagger Pickup to manually pick up the daggers as well.

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