Earn the Voices of Sevastopol trophy in Alien: Isolation!

If you've already beaten Alien: Isolation but didn't take the time to collect all of the archive logs on the way, Prima Games has put together this helpful walkthrough for collecting them. No shame in needing some help! Read on to conquer!

Alien: Isolation - Collect all 151 Archive Logs, Voices of Sevastopol Trophy

Mission 1: Closing the Book

There are three Archive Logs in Mission 1.

001 Just Missed You - The first Archive Log you'll find is in the computer terminal in the dressing room.

002 RE: Nostromo Incident; 003 Torrens Manifest - The final two Archive Logs of this mission are found in the Dining Room where Ripley first speaks with Taylor aboard the Torrens. Look out for the Link Terminal located in one of the small alcoves along the wall and interact with the computer to find the logs inside.

Mission 2: Welcome to Sevastopol

004 Decommissioning - The first Archive Log you'll find in this mission is located in the Sevastolink Terminal just inside the room past the flaming pipe.

005 Moved Out Stash; 006 Goodbye From Seegson; 007 Kill the Power - The next three logs you'll need to pick up are located on the computer inside the center booth, the same computer you used to restore the power to the shutter in Departures.

008 Terminal Riot - Now head into the storeroom that unlocks after you restore the power. You should see the tape recorder on the counter. Listen to it to unlock the log.

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