Whoops! Florida House With Ocean Views Built on Wrong Lot

Ooops! Couple Builds Dream Home On Wrong Lot
Here's a whoopsie for the survey books. A Florida builder constructed a $680,000, ocean-view house on the wrong lot in an exclusive Palm Coast community. The mistake wasn't detected until six months after construction when a surveyor of a nearby lot discovered the foul-up.

Keystone Homes, the builder based in Ormond Beach, Florida, reportedly is trying to straighten this mess out -- without lawyers.

house built on wrong lot
The Daytona Beach News-JournalThis house in Ormond Beach, Florida, was built on the wrong lot.
"The buck stops with the builder. We know that," said Keystone vice president Robbie Richmond in a Daytona Beach News-Journal article. "We are in the process of trying to schedule a conference call and find a fair resolution without the lawyers. I have built about 600 homes in Flagler County and this has never happened to me before."

A whole lot of folks had to drop the ball for a mistake like this to happen -- surveyors, the builder, Flagler County building inspectors, utility installers, even the Missouri lot owners who reportedly visited the construction site several times and didn't notice their five-bedroom vacation home, with home theater, game room and screened-in pool -- was going up in the wrong place. They own No. 23 Ocean Ridge Blvd. North in the gated community of Ocean Hammock, but the house was built on No. 21.

"We are in total disbelief, just amazed that this could happen," Mark Voss, from central Missouri, told the News-Journal. Voss reportedly owns 18 other lots in the gated Hammock Dunes resort community on Florida's east coast -- unfortunately, just not the one his house was built on.

The ground zero mistake reportedly was made by an Ormond Beach company that completed the first survey in 2013 and placed the stakes on the wrong lot.

Anthony Sanzone, president of East Coast Land Surveying, told AOL that learning of the mistake was one of the worst moments in his life.

"My heart dropped out of my body," Sanzone says. "I went into shivers and cold sweats. We could not believe this could happen."

With any luck, the next-door neighbors will just switch lots, Sanzone says.

But luck is the one thing this real estate debacle has so far lacked.

[CORRECTION, 10/17/14: An earlier version of this article identified the lot mixup as having taken place in Palm County; it should have said Palm Coast.]
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