Get to know Killer Instinct's TJ Combo

Killer Instinct: Season Two features the free character TJ Combo, who comes outfitted with his very own set of signature moves and more that players are ready to sink their teeth into. And if you're ready to suit up and get down to business as TJ, Prima Games has you covered with their TJ Combo Breakdown. You'll be on your way to perfecting your play in no time!

Killer Instinct: TJ Combo Breakdown

Superman Punch

This is arguably one of Combo's best utility moves. It's an overhead that covers considerable amount of distance, can be special canceled to lead into a combo and it's +1 when blocked. The advantage on block is enough to make this a staple in your Combo arsenal, but the extended reach and overhead make it even better. It takes 22 frames to execute, which isn't particularly fast compared to most other attacks, but if you toss it out from maximum range it's easy to catch an opponent off-guard.

Spin Fist

The Spin Fist is Combo's primary combo starter. Most of your normal attacks should be special canceled into the Spin Fist. When blocked, the Spin Fist is +1, which allows Combo to continue his offensive pressure. Pay close attention to your opponent's Shadow Meter, as it will soon be commonplace to Shadow Counter after blocking a normal attack in anticipation of a special cancel into the Spin Fist. Mix in throws after a normal instead of the Spin Fist to keep your opponents guessing.

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