Thwart The Evil Within with this complete walkthrough!

Need some help navigating Shinji Mikami's house of horrors in The Evil Within? Don't worry, it's only natural to be scared! That's why Prima Games has come through with a complete walkthrough and guide to the survival horror title, just in time for Halloween around the corner! Next time you get spooked, don't give up -- consult this guide instead!

The Evil Within Complete Walkthrough and Guide

Moving on from Alien: Isolation to The Evil Within, players will step into the shoes of Detective Sebastian Castellanos. Flanked by a uniformed police officer named Connelly, as well as detectives Joseph and Kidman, the team heads out to the Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate reports of a mass murder. Players may recognize the voice of Julie "Kid" Kidman as Jennifer Carpenter, most famous for her role as Debra Morgan on the hit television show, Dexter.

That may not seem like a whole lot of back story, but that's all that we'll give you in this guide, choosing instead to help you survive the game's unscripted events so that you can enjoy the cut scenes and unfolding plot the right way - with fear in your heart as you play through it.

Chapter 1: An Emergency Call - Beacon Mental Hospital, Castellanos, Chainsaw

The opening chapter wastes little time plunging players into the depths of the Beacon Mental Hospital, asking them to evade the chainsaw wielding psycho and escape the compound.

Chapter 2: Remnants - Green Gel, Syringe, Handgun, Sneak Kill, Bear Traps

Although players got a feel for Detective Castellanos in the game's first chapter, this one serves more as an in-game tutorial, walking gamers through the various mechanics and concepts.

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