Two-Month-Old Las Vegas Casino Lays Off Workers

Casino Layoffs
APSLS Las Vegas hotel-casino at its opening on Aug. 20, 2014
Atlantic City doesn't have the corner on casino layoffs. One of the newest Las Vegas Strip casino hotels has laid off staff and cut restaurant hours less than two months after opening.

SLS Las Vegas officials said less than 2 percent of total workforce was laid off, according to the Associated Press. At the time of the hotel's opening on Aug. 23, it reported hiring for about 3,400 jobs.

SLS Las Vegas replaced the Sahara casino, which closed in 2011.Fitch Ratings analyst Alex Bumazhny said it is typical for a casino to trim workforce after opening because it's hard to predict the volume of business.

"It's hard to get it exactly right. But if you're 98 percent right, that's pretty good," said Arte Nathan, a faculty member at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Before retirement, Nathan was a human resources executive for Wynn casino-hotel properties in Las Vegas.

Ironically, one of the workers who was affected is in the emerging growth area of digital media. Rich Mbariket, who designed the digital video ads for the casino-hotel's nightclub, was among those laid off and he posted the news to his personal blog on Friday.

He used his somewhat dormant Twitter account to spread the news.

SLS Las Vegas
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