Is Ubisoft's The Division their very own Destiny?

Tom Clancy's The Division is a title that looks very much like it could be the same kind of title that revitalizes its creator and its genre, much like Destiny did for Bungie. That's quite an interesting opinion to have, and Prima Games' Bryan Dawson has a unique spin on the idea for you to peruse. Give it a look and check out the similarities between the two!

The Division: Is this Ubisoft's Destiny?

When Ubisoft first unveiled Tom Clancy's The Division at E3 2013, it was touted as a massively multiplayer online shooter. Meanwhile, Destiny from Bungie had a similar description during its development cycle. Only a month after the release of Destiny, the game isn't performing as well as Activision and Bungie had hoped. With the similarities between these two titles, will The Division end up becoming Ubisoft's Destiny? Let's take a closer look at how these games are similar and what that means for fans of The Division.

The only aspect of Destiny that closely resembles an MMO is The Tower. In this area, the game changes to a third-person perspective and you can interact with anyone else online at the time. This is exactly how traditional MMOs work, but this is the only area in Destiny in which you interact with a large group of players. In most cases you're restricted to your individual party, or you're playing PvP against a limited number of players, similar to the multiplayer in many other FPS games.

The Division offers a similar social hub in which players can interact with anyone else online at the time. Just like Destiny, this is the only time players will be able to interact with a large number of people who aren't in their immediate party or playing in Dark Zone PvP areas, which are limited in number; Dark Zones are similar to the Crucible PvP arena in Destiny.

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